About the Author



I’m Nate.

I write about history.  And I read about history.  A LOT.  I’m so fascinated by history, in fact, that I went to Washington University and got my B.A. in history.  What I find compelling about the past is the human interest angle, the stories of people who share a common connection with all of us.  I’m not just interested in what people did, but also why they did it, and how that connects people of yesterday with people of today.  Historical figures are more than a bio on a Wikipedia page, but they were fathers, mothers, daughters and sons.  They shared the same fears, hopes, and struggles we share today, and I enjoy researching and writing about those experiences and how they connect us with the past.

In addition to this site, I currently write an ongoing series on World War 1 for Washington University’s online journal, The Common Reader.  There I reflect on the experiences and people of World War 1, and what we can learn from them.

In addition to writing about history, I’m also a husband and father.  My wife, Heather, is an award winning photographer of one of the top newborn photography businesses in the St. Louis region.  I also enjoy traveling, baseball, visiting museums, and spending time with my wife and kids.

Feel free to leave any feedback you may have.  I enjoy connecting with people, and hopefully you will find this site informative and soul-stirring.  Let me know if you have any questions!


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